Agrosoft Systems' Software Order Form

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Software Product Price/License & CD __Qty__ ___TOTAL___
PestCalc for Windows 1.2© $179.00 ___ ___
AgroKeeper for Windows 1.2© $179.00 ___ ___
AgroPlotter for Windows 1.2© $179.00 ___ ___
Pesticide Bundle $349.00 ___ ___
3-Program Bundle $489.00 ___ ___
Software Upgrade to New Version
(licensee's name and lic. no. required)
$59.00 ___ ___
GRAND TOTAL =/=/=/= =/=/=/= US$_____

Offer Code:_________   OS (i.e., Win XP®, Vista® or Win 7®) ____________

NOTE: All sales are FINAL. Once a software has been registered, it cannot be unregistered! BEFORE you place your order, be sure to evaluate the suitability of the software by requesting for the 30-day demo version (by download only) and actually using them as you would in actual situations. To request a demo, please email us at

All software requires one of the following operating systems: Windows XP®, Windows Vista® or Windows 7® (32- and 64-bit supported).
*Orders from within Texas ONLY: A tax of 8.25% already included.
FREE SHIPPING on all orders.
All discounts offered are based on non-direct order prices (middle column of price table).

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All payments must be in US dollars. Total amount enclosed ($_____.__) must be equal to the sum of the amounts of all checked items in the table above. For multiple orders, multiply the unit price of the item by the number of units being ordered. Please use this form only if you are paying by government P.O., check, or money order and should be made payable to Agrosoft Systems.  NOTE: Please allow at least one week for software delivery.

Orders should be addressed to:
          Order Processing Department
            Agrosoft Systems
            2816 Pierre Place
            College Station, TX 77845

We thank you for your order.