Agroplotter for Windows: A Usage Demonstration

Practice Problem:

Generate a field plot layout in Randomized Complete Block design using 10 treatments (entries) with 4 replications. The layout will be designated for the brocolli project to be conducted at Lot 5, Field #2 measuring 2400 sq.feet. Researcher in charge would be John Leadmore.

Here's how you'll approach the problem:

  1. Make a note of the following information:

NOTE: Of all the information above, 3 are most important. The design, in this case RCBD, tells us what module in AgropPlotter needs to be selected from the drop down menu. The number of treatments and the number of replications would be used by AgroPlotter in constructing the field layout for the experiment. The other information are useful and essential in fully documenting the experiment. Start (and end) date(s) can be filled out later, for example, when planting date is already firmed up. Hint: If you have any concern about the validity of the experimental design that you plan to use, consult a well-qualified statistician before proceeding with the experiment.

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