PestCalc for Windows: A Usage Demonstration

Practice Problem:

How much total volume of Pestrid EC (in gallons) would you need if the label calls for the application of 3 pints/acre and you have a total of 5 acres to spray?

Here's how you'll approach the problem:

  1. Identify given values and unknown to be solved. In this case we have the following:
  2. Open PestCalc for Windows and select Pesticide/Water Volume Calculation option
  3. Enter 5 in the Area to Treat box. Default for the unit area is Acre so you do not need to click on the area unit pull down menu.
  4. Enter 3 in the Recommended Application Rate box.
  5. Click on the Unit pull down menu and click on Pint.
  6. Since you do not want to overage and you want the result to be in gallons (the default) you need not change or enter anything in the Calculated Result area.
  7. Click on the calculate button to generate the result.

NOTE: This example computes for the required volume of pesticide for a given area. You can calculate the required weight of a particular pesticide for a given area just as easily by clicking on the weight mode. You can also determine the correct volume of water or any diluent using the same procedure used in the demo. Pesticide/water volume calculation is just one of the 11 available calculation modules in PestCalc for Windows. Each module can be invoked by selecting an option from a simple interface. Usage tips and helpful hints are always available and can be displayed as needed to serve as references during a particular calculation session.

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