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Products and Services

In recent years, Agrosoft Systems had launched three key software products. They are:


  1. AgroPlotter for Windows: automatically randomizes treatments and generates graphical field plot layout of experiments given the statistical design, no. of treatment, and the no. of replication...Check out why you, as a researcher/scientist, need this software. Version 1.2 now available.
  2. AgroKeeper for Windows: a stand alone pesticide application record-keeping database that would help you keep track of all pesticide application records. It has a built-in reporting and summarization capabilities that take the burden off recorkeeping. Use of this software ensures that your records will be FIFRA- and WPS-compliant. A dedicated database of more than 100 of the most commonly used pesticides comes with it. Version 1.2 now available.
  3. PestCalc for Windows: This is our first software to hit the market. PestCalc is a pesticide rate and unit conversion program that would do calculations involving active ingredient, granules, fumigation, concentration, temperature, and many more. Click on the link above to learn more about its capabilities and how you can harness its power. Version 1.2 now available.


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